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Fixed Assets


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It makes very little odds whether you're a sole trader or limited company, the treatment of assets is substantially the same I believe. If you were a PLC you wouldn't have asked the question!


I think we all understand what you're attempting to do, just not the why. It comes back to the same question, why would you want to offset the cost of these consumables against tax over a period of four or more years rather than take advantage of it all in one year? Even if you make a loss this is still redeemable against the next year's bill so I can't see the benefit. If you're trying to increase the value of the company I agree with Paul, this will be spotted immediately and written off as a transparent attempt to manipulate the value of the business.


If your plan is to take the £600 of consumables and claim that this raises the book value of the company by £2k becuase this is how much you think the cases are worth then I think you'll struggle to justify this.


Your accountant will advise on whether this can be done though, there's little point in us speculating about the 'why' since you obviously have your reasons for wanting to do this.

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