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TW1's misbehaving


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I have an issue with my MAC TW1’s. After being on for a while then turned off for a short time the light does not fade on when turned back on. The lamp appears to start dimming on, but quickly goes dark, then a few seconds later it jumps to full intensity (or whatever intensity they are supposed to be at).



My current theory is that it has to do with temperature and the life of the lamps. The temperature is because there seems to be a magical range of time off where this happens. Leave them off for 30 seconds and they work properly, leave them off for 5 minutes and the work properly, leave them off for any time between that and they have issues. The second is because this is appears to be a new issue, and started with one, but now have four behaving this way. They all have about the same number of hours of lamp time, but none are close to their max life.



Is there anyone out there in the BR that has had any problems with this, and what did you do, if anything, to fix it?

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