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I'm a working club DJ as well as a sound engineer - I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-25-C MK2s (I prefer the coiled cable) as well as a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000s for DJ use. Spare wise I have a pair of Sennheiser HD200s (which I actually get on with pretty well).


Most of the time when DJing I will actually use the HD25s as they are comfortable for long periods of time and they are loud enough for most things. I also like their flat response. For really noisy clubs I will switch to the HDJ-2000s.


What are your preferances?

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Proper HD25s everytime for me not the nasty cheapo SP version though. Even better when a nice man from Sennheiser gives them to you. I really really detest the Sony 7506 and 7509s though. Just never been keen on DT100s because of their size.



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I have some DT770s, but they're falling apart. I want to try out some HD25s next.

I've just thrown out a pair of those which I had for about a decade. Bought them from NiteLife in Helston if that means anything to you?


Anyway, I spend far more time specifiying headphones for other people to wear (theatrical musicians) than I do listening to them. So, on that basis :


Bass players and drummers seem to like the Sony 7509s - they get reaonable rejection and hefty low end from them which tends to keep them quiet.

Keyboard players and Guitarists (and maybe DJs?) seem to get on well with Sennheiser HD25s of any variety.

Musical directors / Conductors like the proper version of the HD25 (or the HMD25 with built in boom mic) as it stays on the head better when they nod (which they do a lot).

Reeds and Brass like something open. Bizarley the Sennheiser HD 433 seems a very popular choice despite the fact it only costs about £20.

Anyone who asks for closed cans is usually happy with Beyer DT150s although I've had several drummers blow them up.


I then tend to give the Sound Operator DT150s as they get better rejection from the front of house PA, and the Sound Number Two usually gets HD25s.


For click track recording sessions I give the cast whatever closed cans the rental shop was to offer - usually Beyer DT100s.


On louder shows the Noise at Work Act is pushing a lot of UK musicians on to IEMs. I specify Shure SLC2s, Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5s or TripleFi 10s depending on the budget.


Personally I have a pair of DT150s in my kit bag and some Ultimate Ears attached to my iPod.

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