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Have you used toupee clips for lavs?

The Spy Husband

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Wondering if anyone has used toupee/wig clips to fix lav mics to hair? What's the verdict?


I've been using Sennhesier lavs headworn on kids without much success. Hair grips and clasps were a bit ineffective as the kids hair is very fine and kept slipping off (teenage girls with soft hair that they probably wash twice a day!), and I'm worried about damaging mic cable using tight fitting clasps etc.


The cables are black so taping to cheeks/foreheads doesn't look as good and there's no budget yet to get headworn or over-ear systems... and/or beige cables!


Anyway, I read online about using toupee clips and they seem more cable friendly (enough of a hole to feed the cable through) and have plenty of teeth for gripping to the hair. Just wondered if anyone had experience, or had alternative suggestions.

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A loop of thin elastic, tied just behind the capsule, and at the back of the head, keeps the cable well managed and allows the capsule to be neatly hidden in the hairline. No hair clips necessary. Just make sure they put any hair spray on before the capsule...
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How many units are you using.


The CPC beige mics are inexpensive and very good value for money. The cheaper ones (which you'll have to use the above methods for) sometimes crop up in the bargain section for a couple of quid a piece.

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I frequently use toupee clips for attaching radio mics to actors. They are durable, actor proof and can be used to great effect!


I normally attach a thin piece of elastic to the toupee clip and tie it tightly between the two small holes in the clip.

I then wrap the microphone head around the elastic a couple of times....attach 2/3 per head and bingo!


The cast can put them on themselves, the small ones are invisible in the hairline and they grip to even the finest hair!

They can last for a very long time and re-terminating the head is not necessary by using the elastic.


Any further questions please feel free....



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