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Dear All,


I am currently experiencing mid-tour boredom and as such have taken on a few little side projects to work on during the shows between my limited cues. I have decided to do a mini review/list of the best places to buy/hire props and furniture in Scotland. I have chosen this subject as England is relatively rich in props houses within a reasonable driving distance but to my knowledge there is no real equivalent in Scotland...


I know that most propping is now done via the Ebay culture but in an industry where everything moves so fast people can't always afford to bide their time in hopes of saving a penny & I'd like to think that there is still room for real shops in the world!


So, I was wondering if there were any places you know of or recommend? All info is gratefully received. Hope you're all having a more exciting day than me...


Rebecca x

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Thank you for the reply lovely. I think the real answer is there isn't really anything in Scotland of that nature... Well, atleast not all in the one place. Oh, well, it was worth a try and did take up atleast 10 minutes midshow.




Becks x

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You'll find that RSAMD is Glasgow have quite a comprehensive store as do the theatres such as the Tron who are usually quite happy for you to borrow items or charge a small fee.


In Edinburgh, Queen Margaret Uni have a very good store and it's located in various places over the city but they're usually very happy to help. I've found just phoning local theatre companies in the area is very useful as if they don't have what you want they'll probably know someone who does.


Out with these areas then Dundee Rep, Pitlochry and Perth Theatres are all invaluable, although you do have to pick up yourself but some of the items they have are worth the journey.


As for buying props it depends what you're after, I'm not usually furnished with lavish budgets and even when I have a decent one I can't help my penny pinching ways. I'm a SM based in Edinburgh, if you ever want to chat a bit more just send me a message. Hope that helped.



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Thank you so much for that. Yes, I think it's built into anyone who works in stage management to spend as little money as possible!


I just quite like giving myself these little mid-tour research projects as I find it's incredible what random things you'll remember when you need to. I am actually an asm originally from Edinburgh but tend to work in England mostly, just how it appears to have worked out and in a conversation with some other Scots SM's we were just talking between us about if there has ever been a large props & furniture theatre hire company in Scotland or has Scottish theatre always worked around inter-theatre kindness. As such, I decided to open the topic up and find out! :D

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