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db Technologies DVX DM28


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I´m looking into buying some new active stage monitors, paying attention to phisical size and signature.

I have some RCF units, including a couple of the TT+ range, with wich I'm very happy with. However, they can be a bit pricy, especially when you think about 4+ units. The DVX DM28 is half the price of the TT+25SMA.


Tomorrow I'm test driving a couple of the db DVX line 2x8" stage monitors. I'm using them on a jazz trio plus singer, at a gala dinner. I'll use them on the singer position, since it's the most demanding in this case. The singer kind of leads the band and requires a really good and intelligible mix, especially since FOH levels will be very low, and we have a 300+ crowd whom I doubt will shut up for their performance. For the acoustical bass and keys we'll use a couple of TT+08's as monitors and probably a 4Pro4002SMA for the drum position.



We tend to do this kind of stuff a lot, so big stage monitors with very high output are not a real necessity for us.


What I'd like to know, before getting a hands on review, is if anyone out there uses this gear, and what are your feelings on it?


I know they aren't rider friendly but I really don't care :D


Thanks in advance for your posts,



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