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stage lighting 15 amp 15a plugs/ south african

Louis sullivan NLS

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are 15 amp plugs the same as south african plugs???


just wondering because I can get them cheaper


As far as I am aware, yes. The standard indoor theatre lighting socket is the BS 546 15 Amp. This is in theory equivalent to the South African mains standard [sABS 164]. It might be worth getting one of each, checking that the ratings and pin spacings are the same, and perhaps trying them out. (?From what I can find out, I think the SA fitting might be 16A.?)




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Yes the plugs used in South Africa are the same as the old UK d0m3stic ones BS 546 I believe.

I have read somwhere that they are now rated at 16 amps in SA, but that was not a redesign, just a realisation that the existing design can carry more than 15 amps.


Before importing a qauntity for theatre use it would be well to check on the qaulity, in the days when these were used d0m3sticly some were of very poor qaulity and probably unsuitable for heavy use.

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