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Advice on buying a smoke machine


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Hi all,


I'm in the market for a smoke machine for a University Students Union. The unit will spend most of its life in a bar / club, but also needs to do some work for the Union's drama and light opera productions.

Requirements are:

As powerful as possible

DMX on board

Decent sized fluid reserve (in the bar it will be a pain to refill)


I have up to about £500-550 (ex VAT) to spend, the current candidates are Jem ZR33 or Look Viper. I've used a Smoke Factory Data II in the past and would really like one of them, but can't find them for sale anywhere. Does anyone know who sells them / how much they are?


Any suggestions greatly appreciated



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Interesting, thanks for that guys. I'll have to see if I can stiff the Union for a bit more cash to get a new data II! I think the next best would be the ZR33, it's currently on offer at www.discount-dj-equipment.co.uk for £470 which seems a pritty good deal to me...


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I don't know where you are (I am assuming the UK...), but I find the Antari foggers to be quite reliable.


We recently purchased an Antari ICE 101, usually used for low lying fog, but versatile in that if we don't put ice in the machine, the fog spreads up. It has a very high output and a large liquid storage tank. This particular model can use regular ice, or dry ice. We got ours for $700CND each (about 400 Pounds).


Control is by DMX (adjustable output level), or remote.

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Hi all.


Thanks for your help on this matter so far, it's greatly appreciated. G. Miciak raised a good point; what is the general opinion on Antari? I have had one of their Ice 101s on hire before and it seemed ok, but I don't really know anything about their smoke machines. They seem very cheap for what you get, so are they worth having or am I better off with a less powerful machine from the likes of Martin/Jem, Look or Smoke Factory?


All comments and opinions appreciated.

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The Magnum line are very good although be careful, because you have to buy a DMX module to use them in the chain!


We have the Martin Magnum 1500 in a venue with around 300 capacity and the Magnum 2000 in our 1300 capacity venue. Both work very well, if anything the 1500 was abit of an overkill! However, this machine died in September, we suspect because it hadn't been cleaned out properly before the summer break- Where it wasn't used for several months.

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