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Chauvet Omega 1 DMX 155 Spares

Happy Jack

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Hi all,


I am struggling to find a supplier of any Chauvet spares. I have been in touch with many online retailers and distro's - Impact Products, JP Leisure, Blue Aran etc. - without any luck yet so I wonder if anyone has been in a similar situation and / or has any spares knocking around. The money is here waiting.


I am having problems with the gobo wheel not realigning and stepping through the colours properly so I imagine it is on its way out. The connections have been soldered on so removing the motor and testing another won't be easy. In this case, assuming the drive IC is receiving the correct voltages, I am guessing it is just a case of the magnetism beginning to fade on what is a relatively old unit.


Obviously this niggle means its useless when pairing it up with a 2nd Omega 1 and programming any cues or sequences.


I would also like to know if anyone can source any of the yokes for these units. I would be after two asap.


Many thanks.

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Solutions Group are the UK dealers for Chauvet in the UK, they can get hold of spares for you.


Contact details for your nearest branch are on the Chauvet UK website >> Link, but IIRC, its the Sheffield branch that mostly deal with the Chauvet stuff (or so my SG rep from Sheff', tells me..).




Addition (for future reference) -

Chauvet really just badge-up Chinese OEM products so finding something should be fairly easy.
Not with everything, apparently all the the new LED gear they do is original and they hold he patents, its everyone else who (in this instance anyway) copies off them!
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Thanks for both of your input. KevinE, I was hoping you'd show up!


What tokm says really, I thought that Chauvet had moved away from the whole OEM and re-badging business. I was hoping that local support and spares availability would have come with it! I expect that would only apply to their newer offerings, not older units like the Omega.


In fact, having Googled the Fax no. on the motor, it appears to bring up the Dongguan Factory of a company called Skybest... not quite sure where to go with that.


The motor reads :


LOT NO:0341



And tokm, Impact Products are a division of Solutions Group that deal with the audio / visual side of things. I will get in touch with them again.

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And tokm, Impact Products are a division of Solutions Group that deal with the audio / visual side of things.
Oh yes I thought I was missing a link in the chain :wall:. Forgot they have there little Impact Products division. Just too used to dealing with my chap who I always thought was from SG.


Good luck finding your spare parts. Even if they don't stock spares for the older/OEM gear, I'd be surprised if they weren't able to help you track down parts.



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  • 3 months later...

Bringing this one back to life again...


I've recently gone back on the hunt for a suitable replacement. This time round I think a little probing is in order first.


I have all but given up hope for a positive response from any of the suppliers / dealers I got in touch with back then, as no-one has been able to confirm the motor spec's nor suggest an alternative going on the info I provided, which wasn't much. I hope with a few numbers down I can approach Crouzet or Mclennan and find this illusive replacement.


The motor in question -

6-wire unipolar

Shaft length approx - 20mm

Shaft diameter - 3mm

Total frame length approx (between screw holes) - 50 - 55mm

Resistance between phases - 62 ohm

Vdc - 12.7


With the numbers here, I get this -

Current per phase - 0.20


Although the motor has 6 terminals, only 5 wires are soldered so each phase must share the single common, that much I understand. I'm unsure what the step angle is or how I'd go about working this one out, and I wouldn't have thought the motor needs much in the way of torque considering what it's driving.


The motor ressembles this one somewhat LINK, but (can't really gauge the scale here) seems to have a smaller shaft and bigger frame.


Can anyone fill in the blanks or correct me?

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Electrically it looks pretty standard, but these 'round' pattern motors aren't common particularly in pro/semi pro lighting, just mainly disco effects...and the 3mm shaft is unusual, 7.5deg steps are common on these. Some Chauvet stuff is/was made by Pearl River, Acme etc..the usual suspects so if you can find an 'equivalent' model from another brand, this may be the way!


Some 'American DJ' scanners use these motors with 3mm shafts, maybe try this avenue.


American DJ motors: (this one made by Shanghai Moons, who make Coemar's motors)




And a different AMDJ one;


Buying a new motor from McClennan Servo or in fact any UK motor distributor may be as expensive as buying a new disco scanner!!

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If you speak to Kevin at Electrovision.co.uk. these motors are very similar in appearance to the one used on the DMX Vista 2. and I am sure they carry replacements and as you say the wires are not on a connector.


good luck.

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