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Was going to suggest just what Chris said but just looked at the manual & it does not make any mention of play-list support only by selecting from folders. You are really the best person to test out since you have the unit available to experiment with. Try putting a playlist on a SD card & see if it will recognise it!

From the manual doesn't seem to offer very much other than very simple cue-ed playback format.


If there is something you want a unit to be able to do always find it best to download the manual before purchase to find if it has all the features you want before you commit!



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hi all bought the above to use t oplay our backing tracks on, is it possible to move tracks when on the sd card to create a playlist?


I asked exactly the same question of BR member (and fellow-mod) Paulears, who has one, when I was thinking of getting one myself. The reply was "no" so I didn't buy one. Paul can possibly tell you more.

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I hope I've understood your question correctly.

I've been using an SDJ1 for about six months now, and really rate it.

I have different playlists (saved in seperate folders) for the various types of venues I play.


You won't be able to move/shuffle the tracks on the SDJ1; you'll need to do that on your PC ( I'm assuming you have one). Furthermore, if you want to create a "playlist" as opposed to alphabetical play, you'll need to prefix each track with a number 001.....002.....003 etc. etc. in the order of preference.


Hope that helps.......good luck.

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