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Which Allen @ Heath Mixer to buy


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Hi again everyone,

Continuing on from the saga of my failing Behringer Mixer, my Rector has asked me to give him a cost for replacing it. I have looked around and decided to go for Allen & Heath, since I have a local agent/ service centre to supply one and be there to service it if ever needed.

My budget will be limited , and I have narrowed my choice down to the PA20 or the ZED22FX .

I would value any opinions from you guys as to which would be the better choice. Both mixers seem to have all the functions I need , but there is about £100 difference in price, The PA20 being more expensive. I am only asking for opinions because I know the PA20 is a tried and tested bit of kit, but the ZED22FX has only been around for about a year. Do any of you use either of these mixers?

It wont be used for recording purposes, just normal musical productions ,live band mixing and normal school PA needs.

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We've just put in 2 PA28's in our school. Very friendly desk. My only gripe is that it doesn't have any groups for sub mixing, but neither does the ZED22FX. The PA has faders to conrol the 2 Foldback Aux's, the ZED only has rotary pots. The PA doesn't let you select pre or post on the auxes either, a little annoying.


I don't think you'll go far wrong with either. I'c be interested to hear any other peoples thoughts.



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We have in hire stock a PA28. It is a great little desk and is VERY easy to use. Most hires it goes out on the users would not know what sub groups are let alone how to use them. As someone who likes to mix on sub groups I do kind of miss them when I have to use this desk but it is not the end of the world.




For 90% of the time the ability to not be able to switch the aux between pre and post is not a problem, yes there are times I wanted more than 2 pre fader mixes but for those jobs a better desk would be hired out.




In short so long as you understand the limitations of this desk and don’t plan to exceed them then this desk is a great choice and will serve you well

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