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Tranportion of Pyros

Pyro Bill

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Can any one thow any light on what documents I am required to carry with me in the van. Was stopped the other day at Dartford tunnel. I display a warning sign front & rear of van. "1.4s"

As I'm up & down the country for the next few mouths would like to get this sorted. (Only it a long way round the river)


Only carrying a small amount :- 8 Boxes of waterfalls & 4 Boxes of Golden stars.

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You should be under the ADR limits and not require plating anyway http://www.hse.gov.uk/cdg/manual/exemptions.htm - as with any discussions here the final call needs to be by you - but speak to Le Maitre or your DGSA (if you have one - the fact that you plate means you should have). I suspect you are permitted 50kg net explosive before plating but even unplated the tunnel exclusion still applies



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