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Focus Lens Problem


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Good evening to everyone!

I have a question for you, as a beginner that I am. My moving head have problems with the focus lens. It looses steps. This is very frequent when the moving head is cold. The head is very clean (I use it in my room), but I suppose that I need to put some lubricant on the shaft that holds the focus lens.


The question is if exist special lubricant for this situation. What you are using when you have problems like this??



Thank you!!

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It may be an idea to post the model and make of your moving head so that someone can better give you an answer.



Of course!


The head is "MSP 250" from Contest company. I have seen her also in another topics, but with the other brand name. You will see also a photo from the focus mechanism, it isn't so clean... :P














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Ok, at last I found a clear photo of the focus mechanism!



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Theres not much wrong with the overall cleanliness of the unit. It looks brand new! The lens guide rails seem to be lubricated well enough. Unfortunately the main problem is that it is a fundamentally flawed design. The motor that moves the lens looks like it is only meant to rotate by no more than 90 degrees. Couple that to the long arm it uses to move the lens and it adds up to a system that demands too much torque from the motor.
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...Unfortunately the main problem is that it is a fundamentally flawed design......


I totaly agree in that Gyro... What ever I tryed, I can't use the focus normaly, at the fisrt 15 - 25 minutes of operation. Even with the hand the movement is difficult when the head is cold.... :-(

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So when the unit is not switched on is the lens hard to move? It shouldn't be, and if it is then that points to some part of the setup being a bit too tight.


The first thing you could try is to remove the screw the attaches the arm from the motor to the lens carriage, and then try moving the lens. If its still tight then either the guide rails aren't parallel, or the holes on the carriage are a little tight. Either way, if this the problem, then you'll need to remove the lens carriage and gently enlarge the holes.


However if the len moves freely then the next thing to check is the motor. If that doesn't turn freely then it needs replacing. If it does turn freely then the only other possibilities are that the either the screw that joins the arm to the lens carriage was too tight, or the hole in the arm for the screw was too small.


Hope this helps.

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