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hi all


I am currently designing a show in wysiwyg r22 for a music gig I have coming up, what I would like to do is connect a zero88 bull frog from zero88 phantom frog to wysiwyg to be able to program, the gig b4 I get to the event as I have a very short get in time. I no it is passable to connect the frog 2 to wysiwyg but not sure about the bullfrog.

is anyone can let me no if its possible that would be great and if you can tell me how to that would be even greater :unsure:

thx allot


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Hi Kenny


Only the "ZerOS" consoles (Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96 and Frog 2, and coming soon ORB) can talk to WYSIWYG from their offline editor (Phantom ZerOS). The older generation Frog consoles don't have this link. As Josh says, you can use a DMX Input dongle if you can get hold of a real console.


I hope this helps,

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