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LED starcloth


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Looks like a good find. Not sure how robust it would be for touring, but might be worth looking at for permanent installation. Shame about his though (copied from item description) :


Q: Can I send direct from my PC or Laptop in real time?

A: NO! not at this stage of the development but we are working on a quick release of the SD card which will make it very easy in the near future.

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I don't think you have that degree of control.


It says that you use the swf file creator to build your own image, load that onto a SD card, put that into the controller, which has 7 DMX channels of control.


As for some LED's appearing brighter than others, who knows, certainly appears that way, perhaps it's a controllable effect.


But this isn't something you would want to 'tour' ? Move from one wedding reception to another, possibly, if that's your market!






It's a bit like Color Web in the sense that it's a soft LED screen, but Color Web is for pro applications and has a quality and price to match.

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