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Martin W3 crossover presets

Matt Riley

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Hi guys,


I don't normally ask this, but I need to get hold of the martin W3 (active version) settings for a BSS minidrive and my maguides login isn't working at the moment. It's for a gig tomorrow. If anyone could either dust off the info from their hard drive or spare me a couple of minutes to download it, I'd be super grateful! See my profile for my email addy.


Thanks guys,



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Taken from the Martin W3 datasheet:


The loudspeaker shall be operated with a separate electronic controller providing a 650Hz crossover between low and mid/high frequency sections. Mid and high frequency sections shall be integrated by an internal 3.3kHz passive crossover network.


Is that you were looking for?

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Cross at 125 from the WS2A or leave the high pass out if full range.


15 is to be delayed .62ms from memory.

24 L/W


The only issue with the boxes is that passive network in them. That PHL6.5 is good up to beyond 8khz and in the W8 box the passive / suggested xover between high mid and high is 8khz.

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