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Wrong end of the stick!!

london sound

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Hi All


Worked a conference today for a group of teachers(significant!!). Any way we had the usual Q&A with a roving mic and the general not quite close to the mouth type thing, so the mic gets to one lady who promptly turns the mic upsidedown and starts speaking to that end!!!!!!!!


I nearly fell off the tech gallery!!!


And remember these are supposed to be teaching the next generation of this country!!!


Ian :unsure:


I thought I had seen it all!!!!

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my own college switched the in house newsletter to email, on the basis that everyone, full and part timers have an email account accesible from inside and out. they've reverted to paper as they discovered over 70% of staff had no idea how to use a computer!


speaking into the wrong end of the microphone is great - at least they knew what is was!

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