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Looking for Rainbow Two16 Scroller Hire


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Can you hire me 6 * Two-16 Scollers + PSU for a week?? PM me!


Anybody know of anybody apart from Whitelight that has them in hire stock?


Ideally looking for somewhere local(ish) to Nuneaton for collection, but may look at courier costs if resonable...


Last resort .. the gel frame size is 280 (w) x 208 (h) mm anybody aware that this would fit in another scroller unit that I could source ??




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280 x 280... some sort of 2k/2.5k fixture?


CQ Universals go on the front of anything that big and I suspect Cascades would also (seeing as they're essentially the same housing but with 2 strings rather than just the one). I've stuck my set on the fronts of 2k Alto's a few times, with good results, even with the fixture zoomed out wide..


PM me the dates and if they'd be acceptable to you.



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Hi Tom, I think Paul means that the size of each frame of colour making up the scroll is 208mm x 280mm (which is standard Rainbow 2/16 size) - so was either looking for Rainbow 2/16 or looking for another make of scroller that would accept Rainbow 2/16 scrolls.


Paul, we do have some Rainbow 2/16s in stock, but are based in London. However we'll figure out the courier cost to Nuneaton and PM you with a quote.

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