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Old 80's Mobile phone


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I am doing a 3rd year performance piece at university and we're trying to get hold of an 80's style brick mobile phone I was wondering if anyone knows where I might get one?



Old mobile phones here.


Does your university have Google or any of the other popular search engines?

They're dead handy you know!





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Yeah we've done that but considering we're on a £1000 budget for a 4 night show which includes set, costume, props, marketing....paying so much for one prop....So I was asking more in terms if anyone possibly knew somewhere I could borrow one from etc.


But thanks

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Haha, I love the reference, "brick" !

I remember very early versions, the ones with the battery in a suitcase......


Anyway, as this thread is a few weeks old I assume you now have one?

If not I would suggest having a look in fancy dress shops?

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