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Rendered Wysiwyg Movies


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I am interested in the CSP facility of producing movies from Wysiwyg designs, via rendering rather than recording shaded view.


I am struggling to find existing examples, does anyone have any they are willing to share or know of any websites that have some to download?

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Thanks for your example, although it's not quite what I'm after. It looks like your show is a series of stills being played back with fades, is that right?


The CSP's have a DMX camera & DMX capture utility which allows realtime lighting & animated camera views to be rendered and produce a true movie in the same quality as the still renders. (It requires a substantial render farm to produce serious quality movies of any significant length)


It seems the high cost of such a service has meant few companies have really taken it up, certainly I have yet to see a movie which would rival anything similar produced in 3d studio max for example, which it should be capable of (with the usual Wyg advantage of using real lights).


The live shaded view with the DMX camera (especially since R23) almost provides this, but not at quite the quality of the CSP version, hence my interest.


I will have to look at posting my own work to date on youtube. If anyone else has such work to show, please post a link in this thread.

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I don't have anything done in CSP but I have a couple of animations that I've done for a few jobs, essentially they are stills put together in Vegas video but the an animation is nothing more than a set of stills anyway.


I've just spent the last three days on Wyg training with Andy from AC (which will be why he hasn't responded to this post yet). I specifically asked about this and the advice he gave was to either:


1. Find a better screen capture package that CamStudio.




2. Use the background render manager to queue your renders so that you can leave the computer to render whne you're not using it and then just start making up your "frames". One trick I use is to do things like a sweep around the auditorium then play the same shots in reverse later in the film.


The backgorund render manager is not dongle dependent so if you've got a few machines then you can network them together and farm out the rendering accross the network which is essentially all the CSP version does.


When you come to put the frames together into an animation remember to have each picture fade into the other, this will make things smoother.


If you want PM me with your email I'mm send you some of my work.

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