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Looking for robust & easy to fix headphones for school music room


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The school I work at recently bought a load of Phillips SBC HP195 headphones for their music room.

They havent lasted a whole term and I cant fix them because they are all moulded sets.


Can any reccommend a robust set of phones that is easily fixable (with a bit of solder) that would be worth looking in to?

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+1 for the DT100s


They're not the cheapest around but I like them and used to use a set regularly although now use DT150s (basically an updated DT100).


You can get just about any part for them, and not only that but the parts are easy to get hold of.


The 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter is quite easy to break if you get the cable caught (I replaced the connector on mine with a straight 1/4" jack as a matter of course before it snapped in a desk at an innapropriate moment).



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My school has taken the "buy the cheapest possible ones and replace when ever they get broken" approach. They are paying about 50p/pair at the moment.



Yeh, we're on that too. And that said, they've lasted fairly well, we've had about two break since September.

Something like Stagg SHP-1200H I think...

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+1 for the DT100s too. Ours at school have lasted many moons (at least 9 years worth now) and still sound great/fit all heads/feel comfortable.


They just need a bit of respect, which is what they'll usually get when students realise they're using proper kit. There were a heap of super-cheap 'replace them as they break' headphones bought en-masse recently and they've almost all been replaced within the first few months. You get what you pay for too in terms of performance (they're shocking and people usually tend to crank the volume right up just to make things sound better).

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