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Hanging Internally wired lighting bars


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Hi all

Was just wanting to check what is the best way to hang lighting bars onstage. Our present rig is hung by wire ropes

Clamped. We are looking to install new Lighting Bars on stage two 12 channel, one 6 channel and one 8 channel all

15 amp. Was considering using Doughty U bolts either end and M12 threaded bar. We have 3 Grid bars 32mm Diameter

running from down stage to up stage one on stage left, one centre stage and one on the right. This is where our

existing lighting Bars are hung from and was wondering if the new Lighting Bars were hung in 3 places by M12 threaded

Bar would it be safe enough for use with convntional lights Fresnels and PCs ?

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What you need to do is to get a structural engineer involved.


Sorry, but there is nowhere near sufficient information in what you have posted, just to start with:

How long are the new bars?

How long are the three 32mm support bars?

What are they made of and how are they supported?

How much weight do you want to support (and are there any large point loads likely to be involved), how much do the bars themselves weigh (including cable weight).


TBH, this is one of those situations where if you are asking then the only possible advice is to get a specialist involved, nobody on an internet forum is in a position to give advice about a venue that we have never seen, and you shouldn't trust any advice you get about how to do this from an unknown person on the net anyway.


As far as design loads go, the yellow book has got some guidelines IIRC.


Get someone who does structures and who has PI insurance involved.


Regards, Dan.


Edit so it actually makes sense.

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I'm not quite clear as to whether you are looking to replace your existing lighting bars, and simply looking to discuss posible rigging techniques, or adding extra bars into your rig.


If you are adding extra bars then I definitely agee with Dmills - get a structural engineer invovled. If not then maybe speak to a rigging / lx company - or somebody here may have some ideas.



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