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Speaker Reccomendation


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Hello all,


I am hoping someone can recommend a speaker to me that meets all of the following criteria:


*Powered, with Microphone Input


*Push up stand mountable.


*Light, sufficiently so that an elderly person can carry and place on stand with minimal risk to themselves or the equipment. Anything >10Kg is too heavy.


*SPL, Bandwidth, and Fidelity requirements for speech in a small hall >100 Persons. Covered by 1 or 2 units. Ie low spl, no need for deep bass, or super high fidelity.


*Coverage Ideally Wide Horizontal >=90 deg, and Narrow Vertical


* Cheap, and available in Australia.


The Meyer UPM 1P and Frazier CAT 2X7 meet some of these requirements, but not all. The Australian Monitor XR8P seems like a possible option, but I wonder if folks have other good suggestions...


Many thanks,




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I would considering something like the EAW CLA 37, if someone can recommend a simple amplifier with a mic input for use with it.



Does anyone have experience with this speaker? What did you think? Is there a way to put it on a stand?





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I've had very good experienced with Yamaha's powered speakers. The MSR400 would seem to fit the bill, although the 400 watt rating will be a bit lean knowing Yamaha - they sound awful when driven at the very top of their ranges, but you'll still get plenty of volume out of it.
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Dude, its 23Kg.


There is no way I'M going to ask 80 year old women to setup a system that involves putting a 23Kg speaker on a stand.


Looking at the specs, neither of the Amplifiers are rated at 400W, nothing like that in fact.


He was only giving you recommendations.


Have you had a look at any HK Audio speakers? They do some active versions of the Premium Pros which are 400w rms. They are very light and anyone could lift them without breaking their back!

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Well, despite a good think on this I can't come up with anything that ticks all your boxes. However, for a bit of lateral thinking, have you considered:


Doing away with the pole mount idea and just using one of the combined lectern/PA systems you see at so many hotels and conference centres?


Or, if that's not an option, how about a really small powered mixer (there are some 4 channel boxes out there)? This would get the weight of the amp out of the cabinets(s) and really open up your choice of speaker in terms of finding the right weight and coverage.


Rather than try to search out a lightweight, powered, pole-mountable speaker with a microphone input, I think I might try one of these other directions.



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I'll give a +1 for the Yamaha StagePA series. Very good clear sounding boxes, light and easy to move. They need an adaptor thingy to mount them on a standard pole but these are cheap and available.


The cheap PA in a trolley systems are also good for the money, though might exceed your weight criteria.

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Bobbsy, I am not familiar with the combo lecturn/PA units. Perhaps because by the time I end up on a corporate gig the system is more complicated than that - or maybe I have been hiding somewhere. Anyway, as I understand this little project, the folks speaking all sit at a long desk at the front of the hall, so perhaps a lectern is not the right solution. It would also present other (not necessarily insolvable) problems - the hall is shared with other groups and private storage space is fairly restricted.


My desire for a Powered pole mount speaker comes down to wanting to provide the simplest possible system. 'Plug electricity in here, plug microphone in here, this controls the volume'.


Perhaps this is a route I will have to abandon - but those Australian Monitor speakers look like they may do the job.


Sound in Glousestershire, your correct, I defined no concrete budget. I don't know precisely what budget the group has to spend, but I was hoping this could be done on the low side of $1000 AUD. Since Im dealing in Australian Dollars, I don't know how they translate to pounds - when things were good and I was in the UK it still sucked - I can only imagine its much worse now.


Thank you - everyone - for the suggestions, now time to do some web-research and look in to all of them.





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RCF TT08a - There only 11kg each and have very good specs...

Although they are quite pricy but we'll worth it in my opinion.



That'll be quite pricey as in double that figure, for one. With no mic preamp. And no handle, which makes putting it on a stand more tricky.


Don't get me wrong, they're great little boxes, I love mine. Not the right one for this job though.

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