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Suggestions for show relay camera


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Hi folks,


I'm looking for suggestions for a new show relay camera for our 340 seater auditorium.


I don't know much about camera's so excuse my poor use of terms - I would like something that can automatically adjust to the brightness on stage, and I've heard you can get some cameras with an infra-red mode when it gets too dark.


The camera needs to run on composite and the mounting point is approx 12m from the front of the stage, which is 12m wide.


Budget is tight but will consider all options.




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B&W cameras are infra red sensitive - and will work in DBO if you add a couple of infra red illumiators above the stage (dont forget to wire them into a circuit that wont be turned off !!). We have the LED ones, and they operate 24hrs a day, as its easier than turning them off. As they are LED they will last a lifetime anyway.


Dont scrimp on price though. I went through a painful experience wasting cash on the cheaper end of the ranges before getting a decent camera. (think maplin and B&Q).


Dont buy anything with 'built in led's' as theres no point - its far too far away from the stage to make a difference. We have our camera at the back of the auditorium, approx 10 feet above the audience, pointing towards stage. It's a 'box' type camera, with a vari focal manual zoom lens on it - so we can zoom it in or out if needed - useful if you have pyro's that are on side stage or just off stage.


If you are having issues with wiring runs - then use a balun to convert it to cat5, and back again. Ours cost £8 each.


Colour will work well in good light, and B&W will work well at 0 light. You can get proper 'day/night' cameras, but these are expensive - from about £250 upwards for a decent one.


We used a trade supplier called LJD - based in Havant, Hants. They have a website - but the prices on there are customer prices (deduct about 50% for the trade prices). They supplied us when we supplied a business name and address.


Camera (B&W) was about £50, lens was £29. 12v transformer £4. Baluns £8 each. Camera mount £4. They are a box shifter type company, but do have a reasonable returns policy.

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Had several requests for a colour camera so would like a colour camera with an infra-red mode if possible. Cable runs are not an issue as there is an existing composite patching system.
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They have decided to change their name over the past 2 weeks. Now AData ltd. www.digitalvideos.co.uk.


Other trade suppliers are: norbain (really piccy who they open an account to), mass cctv, gardiner security, cqr.


Loads of smaller importers around, although most wont provide any sort of tech support apart from 'send it back'.


Look for one which has an 'ir cut filter' on it, so it will be sensitive to ir light.

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