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How old are Betapack 1s?


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In the absence of Mr Kirkup, issue 4 of the Betapack owners information (on the Zero 88 support pages linked from our wiki) is copyright 1993. Issue 3 of the Betapack 2 document is 2003. How close these are to actual release dates and how many of the revisions before were public ones after launch and not internal ones I don't know, but its a rough idea.
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IIRC, Betapaks were designed to compete with Strand's ACT 6, which were launched in 1984, but I see that it wasn't until 1990 that Zero released version 1






Graham Eales explains: "Since its original launch in 1990 Zero 88 have sold hundreds of thousands of Betapack dimming channels across the globe. In fact if you were to place all these dimmers one of top of each other the pile would stretch higher that Mount Everest! The Betapack has universal appeal from small schools right through to international casino complexes. At the end of the day there are many six channel dimmers in the market, but it's the Betapack that technicians rely on to get the job done."


Added to provide confirmation of information, and not meant as any advertisement or endorsement in any way.

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