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** laughs out loud **

I think you know what I mean "oh dear a central SM..."

just that central seems to revolve around the SMs and the rest of us just seem to be there to give them somthing to queue...

well, thats the general feeling in the BATP05 production strand anyway... (well except some of the SMs)


oh..and Mike seignior


now that I will do, im meant to be seeing him tommorow for a change...


*smiles* that was my second


and you chose SM??? oh dear...




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that may be true but have you worked in role realising a project since then and not just doing a paper project? (dont get me wrong, I think the paper projects are good, im fact I have found it the best one so far)


everyone is managing well, but do you not think that alot of the work with the exception of unit 4 (for those of you who dont know unit 4 is a paper project for an RSC tour where all strands are "in role") have been aimed at SMs more than others?

I have to say I think that this may well be due to there being 12 of them and 3 or 4 of alot of the other strands (tech stage as an exception), not that bad a thing but when you do a queueing exercise that lasts 3 days to let them al have a go at queueing it gets a bit repetative for us poor LX boys who just sit there with our 5 queues...

also the fact that every unit so far has had the breif state at least one thing to be queued (again except unit 4).

even the SMs have said that there are too many of them and that they dont see why they need to queue things in some of the units (unit 3 for example rach) if the peice does not in itself call for it, adding something just so it can be queued is not how any any theatre I have ever been involved in has worked...


ahh well, rant over for now


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