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Zero88 Sirius 24

tame lx tech

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To enter super user turn the key switch to Presets only, press and hold the + and - on the effects section and turn the key switch to program. Release the + and - buttons.

This might also be of interest to you: http://support.zero88.com/main/en/product/59


You should be able to get a key from anywhere that can cut L&F keys, some places can do it by code - the normal key is 85000.

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where is the best place to get a key from?


Hi - I have just put a couple of Sirius 24 keys on eBay (item no. 220346628685).


I have also done quite a few repairs (ICs, transistors, switches) on the Sirius 24 I look after for my local am-dram group, so I may be able to help if you encounter any problems.



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