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Best wireless Head mic set for below £300.


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I'm looking to buy a wireless head mic set for my church for our pastor to use for talks.


Budget for below £300.


Have found an array of Sennheiser freeport sets with either a lapel mic or with two different types of head mics. I think they call one a lavalier. Sorry new to this and not very technical.


We already have a freeport wireless hand mic which has been great and thus I've been thinking about it for the head mic.

I've been told even though these are budget mics, Sennheiser is a good make.


What's people experience?


Any other suggestions for a head mic. Preferably one of the more descrete ones



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Hi and welcome - I'll try to explain a little. This is one of the really common questions people ask, and generally all the answers are the same. The popular ones at the moment are the more expensive Sennheisers - the G2 range, but the Freeports do have a good reputation - and the identical ones with the Trantec brand (Trantec make both!)


If you search for radio mics in the search box, tp right - you will find hundreds of posts on this very subject - rather than start a new topic off, I'll close this and leave you to have a read through the posts in the rest of the sound section. All the questions are answered there.





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