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Finding a Job in AV

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I have read the FAQs and cant see any answers to my questions, if I have posted in the wrong place please delete my post.


I am currently looking for work as a AV technician after working for a AV company thorough a agency. I really enjoyed the work have always been interested in live events, especially sound and visuals in clubs. My problem is I have no qualifications in the AV field (but some in art and design) and very little experience.


From talking to a few people in the trade people seem to value experience over qualifications and I don't real fancy going through university. Will people consider employing / training some one like me? Another problem I have is I cant drive, is this a big issue for employers?


Also, is the current financial climate going to make it harder? I was thinking a company may prefer to hire some one with less

experience and train them opposed to a more experienced person who will expect better pay? Will the recession have a big

effect on the industry? I heard that because a lot of large events are planned so far in advance it wont have too much effect

for a while, but what about smaller jobs? Are any people in the trade being made redundant?


Sorry if I have asked any stupid questions, but I would really appreciate any feedback.



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