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best mic for congas/bongos etc

ian hatch

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I've not had a chance to try the SE4 yet but the SE3 that it replaces was a very nice sounding mic that I found useful for a lot of things. I note that, with the SE4, they've gone for interchangeable capsules which let you select hypercardioid and omni patterns. It'll depend on your work whether that's useful.


As for the SE vs the 421, my personal preference is for a small diaphram condenser over the dynamic for percussion...but perhaps I like a slightly brighter sound than some. I know lots of people like the 421 but I find them a bit lacking in detail compared to what I like/am used to.


I guess this is where an audition comes in!



Very True.

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My favourite for those is Beyer Dynamic MCE93, but at around £500 each it's a bit out of your budget B-)


When I've had more people on stage, and needed the 93's on the main kit, I've used 57's, 604's or even a couple of 58's on there, and got good results each time B-)

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