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Fat Frog & Fixtures - help!!!


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A bit of help guys. Have had a call from a colleague who's opping the dress for a panto tonight. He is using a fat frog and has programmed all the generics/ scrollers etc and are (were) working fine in playback.


We've subbed some LED blocks which were installed yesterday, patched and assigned and worked fine. BUT as they have starting programming into some subs, they've hit a couple of problems. Not knowing the workings of the desk, I'm unsure of the quickest way to sort it. What is happening is:


1. When the blocks are recorded into a sub, they come up fine when the fader is risen, but remain on when the fader is taken out. the only way to get them out is to manuyally select them and wheel them out.


2. Every cue that was programmed without the blocks in, now when that cue is run, all channels on the blocks also run to full (255).


Sure it is something simple. Have had a quick look at other topics here and at the manual, but without the desk in front of me, and never really used the desk I'm unsure what to suggest to him to sort it.


Any advice greatly received.



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Sounds to me like you have assigned them as fixtures under colour. This menas that they are set to LTP as opposed to HTP. This means that when you trigger the sub (to 5% or above by default) the blocks come on but when you take the sub out there is nothing to affect the colour blocks so they don't change until you manually change them on the wheel. An alternative would be to re-patch the colour block as normal generics on the faders as if they were ordinary dimmers or if there are no dimmer channels left patch them as ordinary generics as a fixture and control it via the wheels. The point is to make sure that they are controlled by HTP as opposed to LTP.


For your second question: If you do as above and patch as generics, the problem of them going to full should be solved too.



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This problem is the main reason we've added Virtual Channel support to Version 10.10 of the original Frog range operating system - you can download it, together with release notes, here.


Fixtures need to have the virtual channel enabled in our library - can you confirm which fixtures you are using?


Hope this helps,





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Cheers for that. Have worked it around using the fixtures as generics and just controlling RGB on the wheels.


Did tyry to re-load the personality this time using the 4-channel per block one (RGB and dimmer) as opposed to the 3 -channel on (RGB only), but it was having none of it. Colour all to ######. Will need to sit down with editor to look at personality at some point.


Peter, the fixtures were Showtec Power Bricks.


Thanks again for your help.

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