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When is it viable to buy gear?


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If most of your work comes from designing and operating (and I'm assuming it's lighting B-) ), then a more considered purchase for you may be a desk?


I know a few reasonably "big league" guys and they've purchased their own desks to ensure continuity and ease of setup while continuing to dry-hire the lamps and infrastructure.

The upshot is that a gig may be anywhere and they only transport a desk, while the lamps can come form the nearest supplier with the kit they want.



Thats the logical first step, which I did about 6 months ago when I bought a RoadHog. But my work is split into 2, designing and operating for other companies, where I provide the desk like you said. And corporate and special events where I am the production company suppling the whole rig.


I am confident that my relationships with the clients that I operate & design for are strong enough for me to also take on supplying the rig, and im talking to these clients to confirm this at the moment before I make the purchase.


It is easier just rocking up with the desk and plugging it in and then leaving after the gig and not having to pack up, but I guess weighing up the earning potential and how much extra work I need to do it can be worth my time down the track when the lights are paid off.

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