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strand s72 adaptors


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Hi all.


This is my first post and I would be very gratefull for any help . Would anyone out there know where I could get some Strand S72 adaptors. I Know that I could possibly make them up myself but I have discovered that with the onset of blindness (middle age ) and the shakey paw and the fact that I have tried to repair one recently I will just have to bite the bullet and buy one.


Thanks in advance.

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Just out of interest, do you mean the "non" standard 25 way D to standard 25 way D as supplied with the units or 25way (standard or not) to 4 off 8 pin?


Hi Brenf,


The cables Tokm pointed you to our website is a 25 pin D Type which plugs in to the back of the S72 and wired to 4 x 8 way 8 Pin DIN male connectors.


PM me if you need any more help




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