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Hi guys


New to the board so Hi


One of the venues I work in has just been upgraded to Light Jockey running 4 isolution moving heads as well as the Martin Mac 250s that were already there.


There have been some scenes already programmed into LJ but when running, the gobos on the light flicker. For example, an open white scene would result in the lights moving with an open white gobo but every 1/2 - 1 second the gobo flicks to something else then back to what it should be on.


Annoying as all the 'slow' scenes end up looking like they strobe! It's doing it on all scenes.


Any ideas? I thought it might be a dodgy DMX connection somewhere...


Thanks in advance

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Looks like the level the gobo parameter is programmed on, is going into shake mode. Try to get a manual of the fixtures and see what the levels have to be to stay on the right level. A lot of fixtures use 1 parameter for several things, like; 1-10 is open, 11-20 is first slot, 21-30 is second slot, etc, till 181-198 is rotating CCW, 199-210 is rotating CW, 211-220 is shake, etc, etc. All kinds of wird things can happen if you just put your fader to a certain level (or the encoderwheel). Have a look in the manual how all is split between 0 and 255.
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