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drum mic postioning

ian hatch

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I find that sometimes they don't sound as tight and defined this way though.


I think as with snare top/bottom and anything else, it's a matter of trying things and seeing what works best. I'd never invert polarity by default and leave it that way. I'd always listen to both. but with my D6 / B91 combinations unless I'm forgetting a gig somewhere (which I probably am) then I'm pretty sure I've always got the best allround sound from them both being the same polarity. Same sort of positioning too.


I suppose the way the subs respond also makes key differences. A double 18 reflex box is going to produce more sub naturally but isn't going to hurt people by kicking them over at 300feet like a short horn (718's). So the kick is more defined with some types of subs meaning the mic combination and polarity with the most sub is required to get the optimum sound, where as with other types, the sub is defined and it is the kick you need to "bring out from the dead" so to speak. Just a thought.




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