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Basically, do you mean, as an example:




LX2 - BLACK OUT (triggered by GO)


LX3 - SCROLLERS CHANGE (automatic once gone to BO)


LX4 - LIGHTS UP (triggered by GO)


Obviously this is only an example and can apply to anything, not just scrollers.


If this is what you are after then, using the example above, you would set LX3 to Auto. To do this go to LX3 and move the selection down to Trigger. Then use the plus key to set it to Auto.


You can also change the dwell time is you wish the cue to execute immediately, not having to wait the default three seconds.


Hope this helps!

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beat me to it!!!


My only 2p,s worth is that, just ammending that good example - make all your auto Q's "points". That way your manual go's are all whole numbers and easy to follow , ie


LX 1 Lights up (manual GO)


LX 2 B/O (manual GO)


LX 2.5 Scrollers change (auto follow-on)


LX 3 Lights up (manual GO)




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