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Power Amplifier to Audio Snake


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For a normal audio snake you cant send speaker signals through it. You send signal at line level from the mixer tothe amplifier which is at the same end of the snake as the microphones.


There are snakes that support speaker signals intended for powered mixers, but they are "unusual".

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so there is no way of connecting a amplifier through a snake?




As David has already stated, audio multicores ("snakes") are designed for microphone/line level signals, NOT power- amplified signals.


If you work with larger sound systems, it is common to use NL8s with 8-core or socapex multicore with breakouts to run multiple power-amplified signals along one thick cable as opposed to running lots of 2-core to the stacks.


But don't connect your power amplifier outputs to a snake designed for signals.

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Plug the outputs of your Mixer into two of the returns on your snake, then put the amp on stage and connect the inputs for the amp into the corresponding outputs of the snake. You then use short speaker leads to connect the outputs of your amp to the speakers.


Or is it the case don't you have any returns on your snake?



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As Josh has already said, the amp will need to go at the stage end. The other alternative is to run long speaker cables from the amp at the control position to the speakers.


One advantage of putting the amp on the stage is that the audience should hear less fan noise from the amp. If it's at the control position and you've got someone sat directly in front then they can usually hear it quite easily. It's not the end of the world, but it's nice to be able to get rid of the noise :unsure:



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Your snake will hopefully have returns, which mean as well as sending signal from stage to control, there's a few ways of the snake that send signals from the control position to the stage. This is why each end may have both male and female connectors (or even jack connectors at each end)


So...you'll go:


Inputs on stage >> ---stage snake--- >> Mixing desk inputs >> Mixing desk outputs >> ---stage snake return >> Amplifier >> Speakers.


What you can't do is to go:

Mixer > Amp > Snake > Speakers



Hope this helps!




A concurrent post has been automatically merged from this point on.


Sorry...Josh had answered whilst I was typing!

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Yes, you can take the main out from the DJ mixer to the 8 channel mixer. If you want it in stereo, you'll have to use two channels on the 8 channel mixer. The faders on the 8 channel mixer will then control the volume of the DJ mixer.
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