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Instruction Manual for Acme SpotKnight MH-644


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I have the personality for the fixture but the instruction manual that explains what the buttons do would be nice if anyone knows where one is, or can find one. I've had a hunt around the internet and can't find one. I gather it's now been replaced by some iSolution thingy. I found a manual for a very similar fixture but it's not the exact one.

Also does anyone know if it can be mounted on truss, there are some holes on the bottom but no clamps. I was given the things for nothing so can't complain at the lack of manual and clamps; they were delivered while I was out so...

Failing that I will just press the buttons and see!

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As the OP mentions, they've all been rebranded by Acme as 'I-Move' (moving heads) and iSolution (mirrors and effects) and iRock and iColor and so on...though all by Acme..maybe a better-quality sounding name (Acme always reminds me of the duff gadgets that Wylie Coyote used).


They were originally Spot Knight, Spot Queen, Spot King etc in the original Acme OEM catalogue.




The iMove IM5S is the basic equivalent and the buttons work in the same way.

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In regards to rigging them to a bar/truss/whatever.. Its been a few years, but, from what I remember, the fixtures each came with a bracket and used 4 short bolts to connect to bracket to the bottom of the fixture..


Now, not all's lost as the 2 bigger bolts are m10 size (we found this out when the bolts got lost and we had to find some replacements), a simple solution would be to just stick some m10 bolts through a pair of hook clamps into the bottom of the fixture.


Sure the base will sit slightly rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on which way round you've rigged it, but that'll not impede its use.



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I would say that Prolight will be able to supply a proper omega-clamp style fitting as a spare part, I concurr they originally came with 2 thread sizes of Allen Machine Screw (4 in total) which are very short indeed and no doubt for good reason!!
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Hi all.


I have been reading this short thread, and would also like some advice.

I have 2 x Acme Spot Knights that I will be using in a professional space with the control surface of Strand 520i ( I am aware of the limitation of these 5 channel movers). However I was wandering whether anyone had a fixture personality already written that they could send??


Also I am in need of suitable clamps to rig from height. Can anyone point me to an online store/shop where I could buy the suitable G/C Clamps.


Your help would be gratefully appreciated.


Many Thanks

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