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Hammersmith Apollo - Power???


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From the venue spec:


1 x 400amps 3 phase

1 x 125amps 3 phase

1 x 63amp single phase

3 x 32amp 3 phase

1 x 200amps 3 phase stage right

1 x 125 amps 3 phase cee form stage right


If I remember correctly the 200a supply is on the back of the pros arch DSR. Can't remember if it's on Powerlock or Cams off the top of my head.

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Powerlocks I think? About mid stage right. through a little hole in the wall. If your putting dimmers downstage right we normally use our 20ft length so that we can go up and over the door way.







Yep - although it used to be up on a mezzanine floor stage left - about 40 metres from dimmers. Glad they fitted the new ones!

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