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Panasonic AG-HMC71E File Type


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Recently we have acquired a brand new Panasonic AG-HMC71E. This HD camera records onto SD card, which we thought initially was a very good idea, but when we came to upload the footage onto Premiere Pro, we encountered a problem with the file type. The camera's video format is .MTS, this is not a file type that Premiere Pro recognises. We have tried to import the footage with iMovie and Final Cut Express as well, but to no avail. We were supplied with a piece of software that converts the .MTS files into MPEG2 which we have also had problems with importing into Premiere Pro and FCE.


I wondered whether anyone else has had this file type problem, and or has a fix to the importing of either MPEG2 or .MTS into Premiere Pro ?

I have tried various MPEG2 to avi. Converters but unfortunately these have presented us with jumpy footage, the audio is stable but the picture appears to lag.

Bring back Mini DV :rolleyes:




Any help greatly appreciated



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