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Martin Mac error Codes


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Hi everyone, this is my first post on blueroom so please go easy on me. ;-)



Please could somebody pm me the Martin error codes as I have some mac500's displaying these codes







Many Thanks If anybody can help me out with this one.

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Like already stated, the manual will be able to tell you what the fixture is saying. However quite a few of the codes' remedys are basically "send back to martin". Anyone on here who has done the service courses should be able to tell you how and or what parts you need. If you do want this help, feel free to PM me, as I have the training. Aswell as the book telling me what every code a mac could ever have means.
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And if you still have trouble:


Rotating Gobo Wheel Error - Hence RGER

Colour Wheel 1 Error - Hence C1ER

Colour Wheel 2 Error - (See the pattern :) ) C2ER

Fixed Gobo Wheel Error - FgER


Clean the head out, and there is a good chance that these will all come back nicely... either that or you will be better off sending it to Martin for servicing (not too hard to diagnose the issues, just time consuming unless you already know what to look for). The errors do not tell you exactly what is wrong, they just give you a place to start looking. So I would open up the sides, clean it out, plug it in with the sides still open, and watch inside as it does the power on test. If everything moves around but you still get the errors, then it is a sensor error - so either the sensor, the wiring to the sensors, the magnets on the wheels or the motherboard. If nothing moves, then you have a whole heap of motor problems (again, it could be anything in the motor chain, from drivers, to wiring, to stepper motors)

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Mac250Entour error code RCER ...there is a real time clock error. Contact service technician. Do not know if it is the same for Smart Mac


Thanks Don, it has cleared on resetting the fixture so not sure what the cause was, but the transformer was overheating this is probably what was causing the issues.

Reason for overheating is the PFC capacitor is no longer working. So the whole base of the fixture gets to a temperature where you can't touch the base.

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