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Jester ML 24

Joe Bleasdale

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Hi all,

I need to know exactly how to patch my show on a Jester ML 24. Currently I have:


8x LDR xpress 19 scrollers on the front of par 64s

4x MAC 575s

1x DMX hazer

16x other generics, intenisty only.


The manual isnt really helping me, no offence zero 88. I want to put the scrollers as one fixture on thier own multi function keys so when I press key 1, for example, scroller 1 on LX 1 is "grabbed" and I have control of the par cans intensity and the scrollers colour, fan speed, scroll speed etc, and the same with the 575s. Then the hazer onto a submaster. Furthermore each of the 21 colours on the scrollers onto a submaster each, E.G. red wash, green wash...


I am really not grasping the Jester ML at all, can one of you please help me.



thanks in advance

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Hi Joe


The patching method on the ML is a 2 stage process. First you have to "Assign" the fixtures you wish to control, which tells the desk what types you want to control and on which buttons. Then you have to Patch them to a DMX address.


Both actions are carried out in Setup mode - hold down SHIFT+MODE to put the desk into this mode.


Scroll to <Assign Fixtures> and press enter.

Now select the multi-function key you wish to assign a fixture to. The LED will light on this key.

Now using the arrow keys move to the first field on the LCD/Monitor, and select the manufacturer. Scrollers are found as a seperate manufacturer <Scrollers>, and moving heads are listed by their manufacturer (eg Martin)

Now use the arrow key to move down and select the type, again left and right arrows select the type within that manufacturer. For a scroller to contain a dimmer as well, you'll want the "Lamp + 1 channel scroller" type. Here, if you're assigning moving lights, you'll want to check you're matching the mode correctly.


Now arrow down to <Assign> and press ENTER. The LCD above the multi funciton key will now display the type you have assigned to that key.


You can now repeat the process for each fixture you want to assign.


Next, to patch the fixture, move to Exit and press Enter.

Scroll the menu to <DMX Patch> and press Enter.

Within the DMX Patch menu on the MLs, you have to select the Channel number you want to modify first, then set its DMX address as required. To select a normal dimmer channel, press its flash key, or to select a fixture, press the MFK associated with it. Once you have the channel selected, arrow down to DMX: <---> and press Enter. Now you can enter the DMX address as required. For a scroller there are two DMX addresses - the Lamp, and the Scroll. The Lamp DMX address will appear first - arrow right to select the Scroller DMX address and enter that as well.


Once you've finished doing all these settings, press <OK> and then hold MODE to come out of SETUP and control your fixtures.


I hope this helps - please do let me know if you get stuck.



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