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HK Contour Speakers


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Hi All,


Am looking for a touring system suitable for many applications, mostly theatre. I have been lookin at the HK ct112 and 118. Has anyone got anythoughts on these cabs.


Also does anyone know the difference between the CT112 and the CN112.


Any help would be much aprriciated.


Many Thanks,



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Hi Matt,


A company I work for on a very regular basis own CT112s, CT118s and CT108s.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of sound they produce.

The CT112s and CT108s are extremely flexible speakers, we use them regularly as both FOH and monitors. The 108s work well in the smaller venues, and are cheaper, however for theatre work, you might not get much use out of them.

The CT118s are also great, deep and punchy.

If you would like to listen to them I know a HK dealer based in Luton who offers great prices, if so PM me.


As I say, great speakers and message me if you'd like a demo.


With regards to CN112 vs CT112, based on the specs on the hk side www.hkaudio.com The CNs are slightly smaller, lighter, less powerful and I GEUSS therefore cheaper.





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There is quite a bit difference between the CN and the CT, although on paper yeah they look the same, (12"/1.4")


But in reality they sound quite different. The CN has more of a full range sound, great for using by its self as a full range speaker, while the CT is aimed more at using it will a sub as well, voiced more towards a mid/high cab than full range.


The CT's also have a bit more throw on them, great for using as a monitor, where as the CN can obviously be used as a monitor, its better up a bit closer.


So really its all to do with the voicing on the speakers rather than the spec which is different.


So if your looking at the CT118's to compliment the cabs I'd go for the CT112 not the CN112.


Just my 2p tho, if you can get a side by side demo of both the CN and the CT I would, you will easily hear the difference.



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