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Cue Tracking/Merging


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I have been using a Strand Genius Pro 300 lighting borard for some time setting up Cue sequences in very simple scenarios and always end up with copying Cues that are the same or similar in many parts of a cue list.


What I would now like to do is to explore ways if usingthe Starnd Board to have a Cue for setting up variable lighting and then merge it with a Cue that has the fixed lighting, i.e. as part of the automation, use of Sub Routines etc. So that I only need to make changes in one place and can use the fixed cue many times over.


Can anybody point me in the right direction to look into this as at the moment I always end up copying the fixed cue into lots of cues and then adding in the variable items. If I then want to change the fixed items (usually scene lighting) this means I have to change the fixed items many times over in the Cue list. I am sure I need a Merge Cue function but don't know how.


Any ideas would be much appreciated to help me figure out a solution.

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Sounds like you need to use preset focus groups (Strand's name for what most other manufacturers would call palettes). These allow you to record a set of attributes for your scrollers and moving lights (positions, colours, focusses, gobos, etc.) either in isolation or in combination, and then reference these from within cues. Have a delve into the user manual - it's all in there.
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