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Christmas light net/mesh


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Hi all,


Anyone know where I can buy one of those nets of Christmas lights? LED or filament would be fine, but LED preferred. The option to twinkle the lights via a controller (as opposed to static) would be great.


I've looked on the 'net, but the biggest size I can find is 3m x 2m. I guess I could use three of these, but would prefer one single mesh and any twinkly effect to be consistent across the whole 3m x 6m area.


Don't want to spend too much - the ones I've seen on Tesco are £7.50 for the 3m x 2m.


Don't want to rent. Any suggestions of where to buy welcomed.





Edit: Misspelt Christmas in the title, but can't change it now, sorry!

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Thanks Heinz, I've dropped them a line.


I guess the alternative is a company who supplies shopping centres and such like.

I'm off to do a google now, but if anyone has any contacts ... :)


Glad I was of some help.


Let me know how you get on.


I also seen some mesh like lights in Wilkos today. Not sure on the size and all that. But perhaps some of the high street shops may also be of some help. Another thought I have just had is if you try contacting Premier Decarations. They may have some,




Heinz :)

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Thanks Heinz, but high-street shops seem to only sell up to about 2 m in size. The largest I've seen was 2m x 3m, so I would need three (which I don't really want anyway), but this is out of stock.


I did a search of the usual d0m3stic retailers and on Google before posting, and came up with a blank which is why I asked for help here. There's bound to be somebody who has needed to buy a 3m x 6m light net (or larger) before.


So far no reply from either Premier Decorations or Custom Group Ltd, which is disappointing.


I will post back when I find something suitable, for those who may be looking for the same in future.



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I have a feeling that you won't get a single set that size, although some manufacturers do "connectable" sets which are designed to be ganged up into larger arrays.

But that puts you firmly in professional territory, and prices would seem to be an order of magnitude higher than your Tesco solution.

Have a look at Christmas Time UK:


They have some possibles, but as I say - much more expensive!

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