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Power (in Watts) = Volts x Amps


You haven't told us what the model of the dimmer is, but assuming it's capable of handling the full 13A available to it...


240 x 13 = 3120W


(If you want to err on the side of caution, and take mains voltage at 230V, then it's 2990W)


So yes, 900W worth of Parcans will fit on there fine, although this assumes that you're not plugging the dimmer into a four way extension with a fan heater, tea urn and another set of lights!

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But, it depends on what kind of dimmer it is. Sometimes small dimmer like this have a limit of maybe 6.3A per channel, which would be fine. But there are many other variables, and basically you need to find the lowest rating at any point, and use that to calculate the

P = I V


So whether that be the plug rating, how much spare is available on the ring main, the individual fixture plug, or dimmer rating, (the same as the dimmer channel fuse). It is most commonly either the plug rating, so 13A, or the dimmer channel rating, so it would be most helpful for you to mention the dimmer brand.



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There should be a small compliance plate on the dimmer that gives the operating voltage and frequency , maximum current rating or wattage rating, the fuseholder should have a fuse value, usually in amps.


It is a good idea to keep a copy of manuals for all equipment you have so you have these details available. Try the manufacturers website or try and get a copy of one of the other alternate brands in the case of rebadged gear such as Showtech.

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The total load on the dimmer must not exceed 13 amps since it is connected via a 13 amp plug.

13 amps is about 3,000 watts.

If the dimmer is plugged into a multiway lead with other loads, or of the ring main is already heavily loaded, then the maximum dimmer load will be reduced.

We cant say by how much due to the many unknowns.


The maximum load on each of the dimmer chanels is unknown without reference to the suppliers, or a data plate on the unit.

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hi I have a small 6 way dimmer often used on a T-Bar, what I need to know is what is the maximum amount of electricity I can take from one of them i.e. can I put three 300watt par 56s on these or not. :huh:

they run off of a 13amp

ok thanks very much :)

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