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01v96 insert I/o problem


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to send my microphone signals from my XLR inputs out through the "Insert I/O" jacks on my 01v96, while still being able to have those mics the mixer. The problem I'm having is that whenever I plug a TRS jack into the Insert I/O port, the signal is routed through that cable but disappears from the mixer's main output. I need to have the signal still going to the mixer but also out through the Insert I/O connector. Does anyone know if this is possible, and how to do it?


Thanks heaps,



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Squarewave has it right. Insert jacks are non-standard connections designed to have two signals (a send and a return) on the single cable and the act of inserting the jack interrupts the signal path in the mixer, ready for the return signal.


I assume you want to use the insert sockets as direct outs for recording purposes?


If so, there are a couple ways around this.


As a "quick and dirty" if you don't push the jack in all the way but stop at the first "click" you should get a signal to your recorder without causing the mixer path to be interrupted. Please note I DON'T suggest working this way--if the jack gets pushed in, you lose your main signal, if it falls out you lose your recording--but some people swear by it.


A better way to go is to make up special leads for this. If the TRS jack at the mixer end is wired to have a link between the Tip and Ring, this will loop a return back to the mixer but still provide the recording signal via the Tip and Sleeve.



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I tried what Bobbsy suggested (making a link between the tip and ring in the jack), and it worked perfectly. Thanks heaps!


It's actually for a small three camera studio, and the second output goes to a monitoring module, to give us a visual indication of the microphone levels on screen next to the camera shot.

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