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We normally prefer people to comment on gear they've actually used rather than based on sales hype. However, I believe this is still at the prototype stage and only shown 10 days ago so nobody is going to have experience yet. So...based on the Youtube video:


First off, with the Presonus name I'd expect the audio quality to be pretty good--I quite like the quality of their mic pre amps.


Second, the inbuilt firewire interface would be very useful for me.


Third, the built in recorder is a "big digital desk" feature that I'd look forward to using.


Having said all that, some thoughts that occurred to me while watching the video:


-Although the layout is different, the feature set (other than the bits above) and the number of keystrokes to do things are pretty similar to my DM1000. Nothing ground breaking there then!


-I know some people have a big problem with the "horizontal channel strip". It doesn't bother me but I've heard Soundcraft panned for this--and, by the way, Soundcraft were doing it on their 324 and 328 digital gear a decade ago.


-They seem to have done away with the need for layers--simply by restricting the number of channels. The demonstrator implied that if you need more than 16 channels you need to gang in a second mix surface. Like or loathe layers, they DO minimise the size required for a certain number of channels.


-Was it just me, or did the guy demonstrating--who you'd expect to be really practised on the desk--confuse himself a couple of times. If this is the case, it doesn't bode well.


Overall, I'd like a demo and a trial when available but I'm not writing home about it.



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I must say, the lack of layers, and motorised faders in general isnt very appealing to me. I'd much rather stick with analogue than risk buying a seemingly half baked digital mixer. there aren't many outlets where I can try those things down here! :(
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The big question about this thing is where its price point will put it. There are now digital mixers available from the Edirol M10DX up to the XL8 which is a wide spectrum of facility and cost. With no motor faders, it could be really cheap...
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