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software/hardware for multiple led screens


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hello all,


sorry if my english is not good, but I really want to ask the blue technical forum, is there any software or hardware that can mix multiple screen and seamless switching besides dataton. because I feel dataton its not very flexible and interactive.


I really appreciate any info I can get, so pls help me on this.. B-)


thx a bundle

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The vista spyder system is perhaps the best multiscreen spanning / routing / mixing system. It's pricey but then so is watchout


At the lower end of things various VJ software has support for multiple outputs if you have a suitable computer system.

VJamm Pro (windows) is quite good and does a better job of playing high res avi than most VJ apps - it works well with its output spread across screens.

Modul8 (OSX) is also a good application with multiple output capability.

Or there are the fully modular node based apps with mutiple screen support.

Salvation is my favorite currently - Fast openGL based playback and unlimitted number of output screens

Isadora (OSX) is also pretty good.

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wow, thx a lot for all the reply,



emm.. it really looks like its a head bender.. but ill take a look at it first... thx



I already had one matrix switcher, but im looking for more flexible tools to combine few screen and pictures, thx anyway



nice collection of software u got there, but I prefer windows softwares, coz my employees and client are mosly windows user :unsure:


thx for the great replys guys, I think I came to the right forum this time :oops:




btw have anyone use Livid octav-4? any recommend for this software?


more suggestion are very welcome ^^

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no I havent play with 4th version of watchout, but I think I prefer for more interactive and flexible software/hardware


I dont really sure but does resolume 3 can combine multiple screens?? any other software/hardware suggestion ppl? I really need some help here


thx before

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The vista spyder system is perhaps the best multiscreen spanning / routing / mixing system. It's pricey but then so is WO.


IMHO Dataton Watchout is NOT pricey it is flexible AND is interactive (see version 4). Having spent time at Plasa08 with the Watchout Team the pricing of Watchout is very cheap for what it does. Watchout is not an edge blending/media server/VJ software - it is a MIX of these elements and it is a STRONG product and Dataton know that hence their pricing of it. I am sure Dataton have looked at the multiple displays software control market and have placed their product in this price range for a reason.


When Dataton is used in high end projects then the cost of the USB keys is TINY. If you want high end you buy high end hardware- if you want budget you buy budget media servers/ pc's. Please remember that ALL you get from Dataton is a tiny little WIBU USB key.


Take a look at Comcast Corporation's new corporate headquarters monster LED Barco NX4 tiled wall. A $22 Million project and guess what the media is played back with "Scenarios constructed initially from conditional layers off the Dataton Watchout servers". So basically the cost of the Watchout Kit used in this installation is approximately the cost of 2 Barco NX-4 tiles in the 6000+ tile installation. Dataton Watchout is the cheap bit for this project. (see http://www.barco.com/corporate/en/products...3802&lid=EN ).


Dataton Watchout IS very flexible. I have used it on 94m projections in the desert and 25m x 12m projections outdoors in Scotland. If you want to do VJ shows then NO Watchout is probably not the best software. BUT Dataton Watchout is scaleable, flexible (and yes sometimes a challenge to use but then all this software isn't meant to be easy) and VERY IMPRESSIVE. I am not Dataton Watchout sales man BUT I am a Dataton Watchout Freelancer who has worked across UK, Europe and in the UAE. Sorry for being so positive towards Dataton Watchout but I am really having fun with it. It is not as hip and cool as VJ software but it is a powerful time line based application. I think it ROCKS.


I am surprised Jason at 5d hasn't posted with his usual cheaper alternative but like I say Dataton Watchout is not a cheap VJ type multi screen application. It can mix multiple screens and offer seamless switching so please don't rule it out due to lack of information on the product.


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@david the Graphics_Guy


Thx for the honest opinion, its quite interesting , like I've said in my post earlier, I only experienced WO 3, and I need more opinion about WO 4, and its really helpfull, and knowing it from u an experienced user who use WO with 25m x 12m projection. and no, im not ruling it out, im just searching for the best solutions for mixing multiple screens seamless switching.

But still all opinion will be very helpfull for any software or hardware that can offer the best multiple screens seamless switching system.

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