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Harmony Processor for Band


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Hi All. a bit of help with this would be appreciated.

The other night our Singer & drummer turned up at a booking with a DIGITECK VOCALIST LIVE 2 Vocal harmony processor. After the singer put the unit in line with the Mic. and set it up. I was asked my opinion, " The word Darlek came to mind".I suggested that this unit was realy for Guitar Vocalists as it requires a guitar input as a harmony Key reference.They told me that the lad in the shop said that it would work OK without one and other bands used it like this. She took the unit away with a powered monitor to work with it, I have been told she has got it working OK.

The last harmoniser I briefley worked with required a Key input for each song ( rack mount forget the make )

We are a " Club " Act in the north east. Girl Singer.....Drummer, Keyboard & Guitar, Bass & click track on Minidisk.

I'm a 55 year old Sound Fossil ( AV Engineer ) Laft hand = Sound Desk,FX Rack & Drink, Right Hand = Lighting Desk, Right Foot = Follow Spot, Left foot = Tapping. ( At least I don't drive anymore )

My suggestion was to take it back & get the band to use there mic's ( singer took mic of drummer after hearing his harmonies) Wow that was a mouthfull Any Advice would be usefull Taaaaaaaaa

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Well reading up on the specs it seems to me that the guitar plays a key role here.




You may be better off putting the fx unit through the mixer as an aux, or through the return/send path insert rather than just in line with the mic.



Hi Johndenim. Thanks for the reply.


We used the unit on Sat night, the guitarist ran cables to & from it. The singer set it up threw her in ear monitors & wedge minitors. However when playing live I could hear little if any of the Harmony effect over the sound of the band


I agree with you totally that the best place for kit like this is at the desk ( idealy a rack mount ) and use monitor return back to the stage monitors & IEM, as I already have to do with the main front reverb sound that the singer needs to hear


Once again thanks

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